Thursday, 12 July 2012

Take your 8th Newmarket Scout to Camp!

One of the most popular 8th Newmarket activities is, without a doubt, camping.  Our youth have several opportunities throughout the year to enjoy the Great Outdoors, whether they are a Beaver, Cub, Scout or Venturer - and all this experience gives them a chance to build up a pretty valuable skill set.

Perhaps your family is considering a camping trip of your own this summer.  If so, you are in luck!  There are a whole list of reasons why it's great to camp with a member of 8th Newmarket.  Here are our top five.

1. Starting and tending to the fire

If your youth is Scout-aged or older, he or she has likely earned the coveted fire permit and will be skilled in the building, starting and tending of the fire.  Plus, they will be highly motivated to haul wood in exchange for this honour.  Even younger youth will help with gathering kindling and stacking wood, knowing that in a just a few years, they will have their own chance to tend the fire.  It's a win-win situation for everyone involved.

2.  Going off the grid

On our 8th Newmarket camping trips, we have a strict "no electronics" rule.  This means that our youth are not only capable of entertaining themselves without staring at a screen, they actually like it.  There are plenty of things to do that don't require batteries and they don't have any trouble coming up with ideas.

3. "Many hands make light work"

Camping trips are tons of fun, but all that fun doesn't happen by itself. When we go camping, everyone is expected to chip in.  Even the Beavers wash their own dishes!  Unlike some of their non-Scouting friends, 8th Newmarket youth don't expect to have everything done for them - they know that if everyone helps out, a job gets done quicker.  

4. Putting up the tent 

Even if you don't know the difference between a peg and a pole, we're pretty sure that your 8th Newmarket youth will.  Even the youngest Beaver gets involved when it comes to setting up camp, and by the time they are in Scouts, most youth can handle the whole job, start to finish.  By the way, if they've been to at least one Fall Camp, they can probably even put up a tent in the rain, in the dark, or both.

5. Take a hike!

An 8th Newmarket youth will not be offended if you tell him or her to "Take a hike".  In fact, they'll likely jump at the chance to do so, and drag you along with them.  You should'll be glad you did!


Have you been camping with an 8th Newmarket youth?  What do you think is the best part?

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