Thursday, 13 September 2012

Be Prepared...For Zombies?

Just about everyone is familiar with the Scout motto: Be Prepared. But maybe you wonder exactly what that means. Be prepared for WHAT?

The Scouting Movement endorses the idea that youth should be prepared in body and in mind to deal with any situation. Self-confidence and problem-solving are key, but they go hand in hand with the traditional skills the program emphasizes: a focus on the outdoors and the know-how required to survive (and thrive) away from the comforts of home.

Once upon a time, Scouts were exposed to these skills in their every day lives, not just once a week. But today's youth come from a different world. So how do you teach a Scout how to be prepared?

You could stand at the front of the room and demonstrate skills like how to tie knots or build a shelter. You could lecture on the importance of being prepared. could make it fun!

That's where the Zombie Apocalypse comes in.

This year, 8th Newmarket Scouts will be tracking a fictional outbreak of Zombies. They'll train their bodies to be strong and their minds to be quick. They'll acquire valuable survival skills such as first aid, building shelters, foraging, and more. They will work together to overcome obstacles. They will understand how to react in an emergency.

They will learn how to be prepared.

And the best part? They'll be so busy having fun, they probably won't even realize they're learning something. And those types of lessons tend to be the ones that stick.

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