Sunday, 30 September 2012

All-Section (All-Season) Fall Camp - 2012

The official name of our annual fall camp - "All Section" - refers to the fact that all members of our 8th Newmarket family camp together: Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, and Venturers.

The unofficial name of our annual fall camp - "All Season" - refers to the fact that Mother Nature frequently throws us a curve ball as far as the weather is concerned.

We did pretty well this year, however. Friday night was clear and not too cold. Plus the almost-full moon added some wonderful atmosphere as we sat around the campfire.

Saturday was sunny and mild. The morning was for Section Time. Beavers and Cubs went on a hike, Scouts practiced musket drills, and Venturers prepared for a fun-filled afternoon of group activities. And after lunch, the games began! This year, we had a Zombie Apocalypse, "Be Prepared...Be VERY Prepared", theme. Activities such as fire building, scavenger hunt, shelter building, and our very own version of Plants vs. Zombies were on tap. Everyone had a terrific time.

Saturday evening, a few drops of rain couldn't douse our good spirits. Our bellies were full, thanks to Scouter Lloyd's famous turkey dinner, there was another campfire, and for those who could keep their eyes open, card games in the kitchen shelter before bed.

Sunday's sunshine was welcome for packing up and closing ceremonies. Before each section performed their own closing ceremony, the group formed one big circle and, as per 8th Newmarket tradition, we took turns sharing our favourite thing about the camp. Scouter Lloyd's turkey, the Plants vs. Zombies game, and "everything" were the most popular contributions.

Here's an end of camp group photo. Judging by the smiles, I'd say this group had a great time, wouldn't you?

They say pictures are worth a thousand words. If that's true, we have SEVERAL thousand words for you to check out. Stop by our Facebook page to see more photos from the weekend, contributions of Scouter Angela, Scouter Gord, and Scouter Corrie.

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