Sunday, 7 October 2012

Look What's Popped Up!

This week, 8th Newmarket launched our annual Popcorn Fundraiser. We provided all our youth with order forms and sales brochures to show off to friends and family and hopefully make lots of sales!

Did you know that over 60% of all the money raised through this fundraiser stays with Scouting? It's true! That's why Scout Popcorn is our most important fundraiser of the year.

There are many delicious options. Caramel corn, Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Microwave Popcorn (a great "Peanut-Free" option for those with allergies) and even Popping Corn for your air popper.

New last year, Scout Popcorn introduced an option to purchase popcorn for members of the Canadian Forces. Sales exceeded $300,000 for members of the Canadian military, both at home and abroad - an entire container shipment of popcorn was sent to our base in Afghanistan. This year, the program has expanded to include gifts of Scout Popcorn to Canadian Forces bases, training facilities, Veteran's hospitals, and Canadian Forces family support centres.

What do we do with the money raised through fundraising efforts like Scout Popcorn? So many things! Just a few examples are purchasing camping equipment (think tents, stoves and cooking gear, lanterns, and so on), buying group supplies like  neckers, woggles, and crests,  and helping to cover the costs of weekly program activities such as craft supplies, outing expenses, and so much more.

Successful fundraising also allowed us to recognize our group's efforts by providing a discounted rate for Fall Camp for returning youth this year. Way to go, 8th Newmarket!

If you have any questions about the Scout Popcorn fundraiser, you can find more information here, or feel free to speak with any of the leaders or Group Committee members.

We thank you for your support...and so do your kids!

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